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Building roadways isn't just a job, it's a passion. With every project Esposito carries high expectations to deliver quality work in a timely fashion. Over 3 decades Esposito has provided construction services for roadways from intersection improvements, road expansion, road widening, reconstructions, water/storm/sanitary placement and/or improvements, box culverts, retaining walls, RRS walls, wild life crossings, curbs & gutters, sidewalks, site furnishings, inlets, outfalls, csp culverts, drainage systems, landscaping and full restoration services.

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Quality work through careful planning, staging, dedication and skill execution. Esposito is committed to working with public agencies, engineering firms and product supply companies to construct competitive, safe, quality projects required in today's market. Esposito provides construction services on bridge and culvert projects from rehabilitation, small simple structures to major structural crossings. Over the years this work has included bridge/culvert removal/rehabilitation, temporary falsework, cofferdam installation, concrete construction, box culverts, open bottom culverts, structural steel girder bridges, pre-cast segmental box girders / solid slab / hollow slab, prestressed concrete girder bridges, cast in place abutments, wingwalls, barriers, approach slabs, piers, decks, footings and piles.

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CONCRETE FORMWORK, REHABILITATION, CONCRETE AND REINFORCEMENT SERVICES / Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd has been providing positive, highest-quality concrete services to Cities, Towns, Municipalities and Regions, for the installation of a variety of cast-in-place concrete works since the beginning of its inception. We have the established expertise, highly motivated and dedicated staff that has the ability to complete simple and complex tasks such as but not limited to sidewalks, curb and gutter, abutments, wing walls, culverts, piers, approach slabs, bridge decks, culvert and bridge repairs, etc.


RETAINING WALLS / Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd. has been providing construction services to Cities, Towns, Municipalities and Regions, for the installation of a variety of retaining wall types such as gravity, piling, cantilevered and anchored walls.

NOISE BARRIERS WALLS / Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd. has been working in a diligent and professional manner with Manufacturers, Cities, Municipalities, Private Organizations and Regions, handling every aspect of Noise Barrier installation, to help reduce the amount of noise pollution experienced, to reduce sight and wind exposure and increase privacy and security to communities. 

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