Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd. (EBCL) was incorporated in 1981 to provide services in the construction of concrete works (i.e. sidewalks, curbs, etc.) relating to civil infrastructure projects. Since then, EBCLtd has grown to accommodate road construction, structures, underground drainage and water distribution projects in the municipal construction sectors.

The type of works performed by EBCLtd includes bridges, culverts, roadworks, sanitary sewers, noise walls, retaining walls, slope restorations, storm sewers, watermains, underground concrete structures, landscaping, traffic signal controls, street illumination, direct buried Hydro ducts, Barn Swallow structures and RSS walls to name a few. 

Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd. (EBCL) ​is registered for the Certificate Of Recognition (COR) program with Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). Our aim is to reach 'Certified' status by mid 2020! 

From 1981 to present..

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